Smoke Detector Requirements in City of South Lake Tahoe

There is a misconception among REALTORS that smoke detectors do not need to be installed in every
sleeping area.  Fire Chief Harris gave us the following clarification.  The City confirms the same requirements if you call the building department.

Fire Chief Harris provided us with the following section out of the California Building Code that defines where smoke detectors are required. He tells us that the Health and Safety Code Section 13113.8 establishes that they are required upon transfer of property. Battery operated single station smoke detectors meet the intention of the code in South Lake Tahoe at this time. He expects the requirement to also include Carbon Monoxide detectors in the near future.

Please contact Fire Chief Harris if you have any questions:

Gareth S. Harris, Fire Chief
Lake Valley Fire Protection District
2211 Keetak Street
South Lake Tahoe CA 96150
530-577-3737 Phone
530-577-3739 Fax


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