Angora burn trail system under construction

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By Kathryn Reed

One of the final pieces of the Angora burn restoration should be completed this fall – the trail system.

When the more than dozen miles worth of trails are finished, it will be possible to hike, ride a bike or a horse from the gun mount near the base of Echo Summit to Camp Richardson. The Long Term Angora Restoration Project encompasses only the trail network in the area that burned in 2007.

“We have laid it out for different experiences,” Garrett Villanueva, who heads the U.S. Forest Service’s trails team, told Lake Tahoe News. This means some areas will be more challenging than others. “The challenging trails off Tahoe Mountain will be rockier, they have more trail texture. We are trying to layout the trails so they are not in a straight line, but so they follow the landscape and are interesting.”

South Tahoe Association of Realtors paid for the bridge that crosses Angora Creek. Photo/Jordan Burge

South Tahoe Association of Realtors paid for the bridge that crosses Angora Creek. Photo/Jordan Burge

The grading work must end by Oct. 15 per Tahoe Regional Planning Agency rules. If need be, what doesn’t get done this year, will be wrapped up in the spring.

The delay in doing the work is because it took so long to get the necessary permits from agencies in the basin.

Trails that had been next to stream zones have been relocated to benefit the ecosystem and help with water quality issues.

The South Tahoe Association of REALTORS® (STAR) paid for the bridge going over Angora Creek. Some of their members, along with TAMBA volunteers and anyone else will be helping the Forest Service with a trail day on Oct. 5.

STAR created the Angora Fire Disaster Relief fund immediately after the fire. Initial donations went to members who lost their home in the fire. The remaining funds are being used for the bridge, which will be dedicated to the residents in the area.

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