Benefits of Vacation Rentals

The Many Benefits of Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) for South Tahoe’s Community

An open letter to the South Lake Tahoe City Mayor, Mayor Pro-Team, Council members & staff:

My name is Jerry Williams. I am a 36 year local resident, husband, father, grandfather, REALTOR® and Property Manager in South Lake Tahoe. I wanted to take a moment to address the prevailing, negative, and detrimental sentiments that currently surround Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) in our community.

We, who live here, reside among homes that are VHRs, and that has been a reality long before the City officially incorporated some 51 years ago.

In the recent past, Vacation Home Rentals have become the most polarizing issue in our community. My goal in writing this letter is to request and encourage that City Council and staff share with the public the many benefits VHRs provide to this community.

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