2023 LTUSD Teacher’s Wishlist Drive

Each year the South Tahoe Association of REALTORS® conducts a Holiday Wish Tree Drive for the children. Now it’s time to give back to the teachers that teach & give so much to those kids!

Did you know that most teachers don’t have the supplies that they need to help them teach? That they use THEIR OWN MONEY to purchase those supplies? Let’s help them out!

CLICK the links or SCAN the QR codes below to go to their wishlists!  *NOTE: Please be sure to send the gifts directly to the teacher using their address (seen in Amazon).

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Tahoe Valley Elementary School
“I teach students how to socialize at school. Our school is over 90% low income students and each year I spend hundreds of dollars to enhance their learning. These wishlist items will help to broaden our classroom learning experiences.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/tktvesnm2023

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Bijou Community School
“This will be my second year teaching. I am still learning and gathering items for my classroom. I would greatly appreciate any help!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/BCSTKSV

Tahoe Valley Elementary School
“These are activities that we use everyday in our classroom! Thank you for your help!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/KTVAR2023

Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School
“My class is desperately in need of some new items, particularly ones related to imaginative play. Thank you!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/ltesmskrm

Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School
“Having my wishlist filled would create so many new opportunities for engagement, creativity, learning and play. Thank you!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/LTESMSKWC

Bijou Community School
“I would appreciate donations for my wishlist as I will be changing grade levels this year. Due to the grade level change I have limited resources/supplies, and appreciate any help given.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/1stbijousm

1st Grade
Sierra House Elementary School
“The items on my wish list are not supplied by my school district and will help meet the basic needs of children from low socio-economic circumstances.  These are items that I often purchase using my personal money which I can no longer afford due to the high cost of living.  Thank you for your support!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/1stSHES-ATT

1st Grade
Sierra House Elementary School
“Yesterday, I was forced to move from my intervention position to first grade because of budget cuts. I haven’t taught first grade in 22 years, I have to begin teaching in 11 days, and I have nothing for my classroom.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/1stSHES-JM

Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School
“Granting my wish list would enable me to acquire essential resources and tools that would help me create a nurturing classroom environment that is safe, inclusive, accessible, and conducive to learning and growing. These resources would significantly enhance the educational experience of my students, fostering their academic and personal development.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://a.co/0DUmXYr

2nd Grade
Sierra House Elementary School
“Having my wishlist completed would help to make our classroom a fun, engaging, welcoming place for students to learn and grow.  As a new mom, I just can’t afford to fund my classroom like I used to.  Thank you for considering!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/2ndSHGR2023

2nd Grade
Zephyr Elementary School
“This wishlist will help provide a fun and exciting environment for my students while providing them with supplies to help them learn!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/2ndzcesmb

2nd Grade
Zephyr Cove Elementary School
“This is my third year teaching and I have moved grades every year. I taught 5th, 1st, and now 2nd grade. It’s hard for me to keep buying different grade level material especially as a newer teacher who doesn’t have much to begin with.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/2ndzcesbb

4th Grade
Zephyr Cove Elementary School
“I like to allow my students to work outside of a desk, whether it be in beanbags or on cushions, or just on the floor. Every spring, my class performs Greek theatre for the entire school, and it would be nice to have better costumes.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/4thZCESKOD

5th Grade
Tahoe Valley Elementary School
“How nice is it to walk into an office with plants and thought out decor and supplies? You feel like your boss/team really cares about you. By helping me with my wishlist, you will help ensure these students know they are cared for and appreciated!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/5thTVESMW

South Tahoe Middle School
“I am a second year ELA teacher, and it will be my first year teaching leadership. I still need a lot of art supplies since our leadership class will be in charge of school activities, decorations, etc! And I always need a good variety of books and prizes for my reluctant readers.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/8STMSvp

1st through 5th Grades Special Education
Sierra House Elementary School
“I teach student with moderate to severe special needs. Multi-sensory learning is very important for my students to learn and these hands on materials would make a great addition to my classroom!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/SHSSpecEdSH

2nd through 5th Grades
Multiple Schools
“I teach approximately 800 students between the two schools.  I do not have enough materials and supplies for all of them.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/MusPgmAL2023

Mt. Tallac High School
10th through 12th Grades
“A community volunteer has offered to support teaching an art class this year. We would like to offer the class and need supplies in order to have art offered this year for our students. Thank you.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/MtTallacHS-Art

9th through 12th Grades
South Tahoe High School P.E.
“Striving to elevate our strength and conditioning PE class, my wishlist seeks adjustable dumbbells, enriching student fitness experiences. Thanks for your consideration.”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/STHSPETS

9th & 11th Grades
South Tahoe High School – English/ELD
“I teach over 200 kids a year and much of what we need is ways to charge their chromebooks and provide pencils for them to write with. My class also has little kid scissors which many of them struggle to use since most juniors are full-grown adult size. Any help for our STHS English students will be greatly appreciated!!!”
Link to Amazon Wishlist: https://bit.ly/STHSELDAT