NEW C.A.R. Forms Help Line!

The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is happy to announce a new member benefit called the C.A.R. Forms Help Line. This new tool inside of zipForm® enables REALTORS® to get connected with a C.A.R. forms expert within minutes. REALTORS® can get direct forms assistance from a legal expert over the phone using one mouse click.

How does the C.A.R. Forms Help Line work? REALTORS® log into zipForm® 6 Professional (the online version) through the web site. Then, just click on the “C.A.R. Forms Help Line” button at the top of the zipForm® home screen.  Select which phone number they would like to be contacted at, and click on the “Call Me” button to be directed to one of the C.A.R. forms experts.

What types of assistance does the C.A.R. Forms Help Line offer? REALTORS® can get help instantly with the basic forms usage or clause questions within a form. For example:

  • Does the SPQ replace the TDS, or other forms such as the SSD or SBSA?
  • What is a protection clause in the RLA, RLAA, and RLAN?

For information and training video on the C.A.R. Forms Help Line, visit


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