TAHOE-SIERRA TRACT – South Tahoe Neighborhood

~written by 2014 Communications & Public Relations Chair, Shannon Witt

The Tahoe-Sierra Tract is the neighborhood in the southwestern end of South Lake Tahoe between Blue Lake Avenue and River Street with Sierra Blvd running directly through the center.  This is one of South Lake Tahoe’s older neighborhoods with homes ranging from the early 1950’s up to 2014 builds.  There is a mixture of both Single Family Residences (SFR) and Multi-Family (MF) dwellings as well as commercial properties on Highway 50.  There are a number of restaurants and shops within walking distance as well as a bus line with shuttle service to the ski resorts.

Tahoe-Sierra Tract is flanked by meadow lands on both the East and West sides. Trout Creek Meadow on the East connects to Lake Tahoe Community College and the Bijou community park.  Barton Meadow, on the West, allows access to the Truckee River, biking and hiking trails to cold creek, and powerline.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the South Tahoe Association of REALTORS® at 530.541.7007 or send an email to staor@staor.org.


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